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Product guarantee

● Our company guarantees to supply products according to the technical requirements provided by users , The products provided will be shipped after strict inspection by our side. At the time of delivery, important materials such as the product certificate and distribution list are delivered with the goods. Confirm according to the list when receiving the goods. If you have any questions, please contact us. We have someone responsible for responding within 30-60 minutes, and we will give a solution within 2 hours.

● All our products meet relevant quality requirements. In strict accordance with the relevant national standards and regulations, it can support testing and provide testing reports.




Product transportation

● Our company has a sound and reasonable distribution system and management system. We have a professional long-term Taiwan-made logistics service organization, spot products are guaranteed to be shipped on the same day, and OEM customized products are shipped in strict agreement to ensure that we provide satisfactory services for your company.

● Our company promises to comply with the required time, quantity, Deliver to the designated place for delivery, and notify the receiving unit in advance to prepare for receiving the goods. If your company adjusts the delivery time, our company can report to require early or late delivery.

● In order to ensure the smooth delivery of goods, After the product is sent out, there is a delivery list, which indicates the delivery time, quantity, delivery person and receiver and other information. The receiver needs to check the quantity of the goods on the spot. Check the production date and specifications of the product. Whether there is damage and other related conditions. The delivery person can leave after signing and confirming, ensuring safety and efficiency.


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