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Jiangmen Jinhe Hardware Products Co., Ltd., founded in 2016, is located in Jiangmen, the beautiful capital of overseas Chinese in the west of the Pearl River Delta in Guangdong, with a total production and office area of about 4000 square meters. It is a company integrating production management, warehousing, and sales. , A modern enterprise integrating services.

The importance of hardware in doors and windows

Window stays, hinges, handles, buttons and other hardware in doors and windows are probably ignored by many people, but the quality of the hardware will completely affect the normal use of doors and windows. How do they affect it?
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Hardware common sense: screw strength torsion test

Screw strength test: 1. Turning force test: The twisting force of a product shows its ability to resist being twisted in half. Various standards have minimum requirements for the torsion force of self-tapping screws. In this test, the screw is clamped in a chuck with a tapped middle part on the torsion test tool, and then a torque wrench is used to apply force until the screw is twisted. If the torque does not exceed the minimum requirement, the product is unqualified. Unqualified indicates that the screw is too soft or the thread diameter is too small. 2. Locking test: This test is to lock the screw to a test board, this board has the specified hardness, thickness and aperture. If the screw is locked through the test board, but the thread is deformed, the product is not qualified. Unqualified indicates that the surface hardening treatment of the screw is too shallow or too soft. 3. Locking torque test: This test is only required for the screw rolled by the screw. When the lock test is performed, the minimum lock torque of the test board is observed. If the torque exceeds the specified standard value (the standard value is based on the size of the screw and the surface treatment), the product is not qualified. Unqualified shows that the surface of the screw does not have enough lubricity, or the thread is formed improperly and requires more torque.
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Basic knowledge of Phillips screwdriver specification selection

Phillips screwdrivers generally have 7 specifications from small to largest ph000 ph00 ph0 ph1 ph2 ph3 ph4 The approximate relationship between the diameter of the screwdriver shaft and the specifications: 4mm~4.5mm rods generally do cross Ph1, which can cover ph000 ph00 ph0 ph1 This series is basically a precision series, disassembly and assembly of small electronic devices, glasses, watches, radios, tape recorders, etc.. Must! This is mainly a set, of which ph000 is very small, not a lot of use The 6mm rod is generally used for the Phillips Ph2 specification. This is the most commonly used specification in the medium-sized screwdriver, so you can buy one separately and use it for the fastening screws of the display, radio, TV and other housings, transformer fixing, etc. It is also a Ph2 head that makes furniture door screws. The 8mm rod is used for Ph3, and the 10mm rod is used for Ph4. Basically, it may be used in mechanical equipment. It is rarely used in electronic assembly, unless it is used as an electric box controller... So the combination scheme of Phillips screwdriver configuration is roughly: Precision screwdriver set below 4mm rod + a separate Ph2 screwdriver If you consider that the handle of the suit is too thin to focus on, you can also configure a Ph1 screwdriver separately. It is not a problem if it is not configured. Nothing is too particular about a word There are many types of star batches, and the general suits start from T6, but some modern mobile phones have the smallest use of T5, so generally suit + T5 can hit the world. About the material experience: From lowest to highest Medium carbon steel-high carbon steel-crv- S2- S2 plus titanium oxide coating-S2 plus diamond coating. For example, wera's most high-end Beatles can increase friction after using diamond coating without increasing the force or slipping screws.
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